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Our Italian Honeymoon

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Welcome to our website detailing our Italian Honeymoon on Rick Steve’s Best of Italy 17 day tour 2014! We know that a tour with 20+ other people is not the traditional choice of honeymoon for many newlyweds, but then nothing about our relationship has ever been traditional. From the day we started dating we have been on a rollercoaster of adventures. On our first date we ended up at a Chinese market trying dried squid. We spent New Year’s 2011 in Chena hot springs in Fairbanks, AK in negative 40 degree weather. Our engagement was a surprise hot air balloon ride where we landed in a random suburb and had champagne with the neighbors. So, when it came time for our wedding and honeymoon, we knew that nothing short of a true adventure would suffice! And how better to have an adventure than to go on a Rick Steves' tour.

Neither of us had been to Europe and an Italian tour seemed like the perfect way of discovering the rich culture behind the “Vitone” last name. It promised to be a whirlwind of an adventure, and it was, right from the beginning. Although we live in Texas, we had our wedding ceremony in mansion in the smoky mountains of North Carolina. Devin flew up the weekend before to spend his Bachelor party white water rafting and prepare for the Tuesday wedding. Shannon spent the weekend studying for her final exam of her first year of medical school. She took the exam Monday morning and hopped in a cab to the airport with her backpacking gear. We had a beautiful ceremony in the mountains followed by a violent thunderstorm, a blissful wedding night in a decorated mansion, and left for Italy the next day to begin our Italian honeymoon.

It was the perfect honeymoon for us - with 17 days of adventure in the highlights of Italy and the chance to meet new people with a similar appreciation for travel. Also worth mentioning - the trip fit conveniently within the allotted summer break between first and second year of medical school and Devin’s allowed time off from his busy electrical engineering job. For both of us the trip was a welcomed escape from the constant grind of solving problems – whether these problems stemmed from electrical bugs or human bugs. It was also a chance to begin our lives together with some truly unique experiences and so many stories that we continue to tell our friends and family.

Meet the Team: Devin

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Devin is an electrical engineer from Austin, TX and a history buff who enjoys listening to historical lectures and podcasts as well as brushing up on Italian phrases via his Duolingo Italian language app. His grandparents on both sides immigrated to the United States from Italy but he had never been to Italy, or any European country, until this tour. He could think of no better time than his honeymoon with the love of his life to begin this adventure of discovering his Italian roots.

Meet the Team: Shannon

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Shannon is a medical student and world traveler who grew up in Saudi Arabia until she was 10, studied abroad in Beijing for 3 months in undergrad, and traveled in South America in her brief time as a contestant of The Amazing Race CBS reality show. She had also never been to Europe until this tour but she felt that marrying an Italian and becoming a “Vitone” called for an Italian adventure.

Getting Married

Our trip really began back in the smokey mountains of North Carolina. After all how can you have a honeymoon without a wedding. Here is our video from our videographer, and personal friend Michael Bell.

Shannon and Devin